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Handrail Installation

We are always current with the latest railing products & materials, enabling us to offer the highest quality materials and services.

Stair Railing

We install stair railings in a wide variety of styles, this allows us to find the perfect stair railings to fit the style of your home and budget.


We are an aluminum handrail company. Choose from a wide selection of aluminum railing (stair railing and handrail) products.


Need new handrails or gates for your business? We have a broad selection of commercial railing products.

Aluminum Gates

We have a carry wide variety of residential and commercial-handrail and gate products. See our products for a more details.

Free Consultation

We provide free no-obligation estimate and consultation. We can show you are line of railing and fencing products that fit your budget.

Picketed Handrails

Need railing for your home or business? Check out our selection of handrails, we carry a wide variety of beautiful hand railing.

Steel Cable Railing

Have need of a steel cable handrail system? No problem Salt Lake City Handrails can install the perfect rails for your home or business.

Glass Panels

Glass Panel railing systems are perfect for providing extra visibility to give you a crystal clear view. Popular for deck railing systems.

Railing & Gate Gallery

We carry a wide variety of gate products, please feel free to browse through our gallery to find a style that fits your needs.

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Commercial applications

(balconies, deck railing, sidewalks, stair railings, indoors and outdoors)
  • Parks
  • Apartment complexes
  • Hotels
  • Office buildings
  • Gates
  • Security Bars
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Residential applications

 (balconies, deck railing, stair railings, indoors and outdoors) As requested by our building suppliers Most installations are done by our contractor customers

Aluminum Railing Installation

We install Alumarail handrails and stair railing. Our staff of handrail installers can answer all your questions as well as provide provide literature about Alumarail Railing Systems.

We provide multiple aluminum railing options. For example, we sell and or install aluminum railing systems that only use aluminum, while others incorporate aluminum and glass, stainless steel cabling and or wood.


Aluminum Handrail & Stair Railing Installation

  • Stairs
  • Gates
  • Bridges
  • Glass Railing
  • Condominiums
  • Aluminum Railing