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The Advantages of Using Aluminum


The greenest of metals. Aluminum has revolutionized modern construction because of its unique combination of strength, rigidity of construction, durability, and lower density.


  • Aluminum is high in strength, yet low in weight.
  • Aluminum is approximately one third the density of steel. Its light weight reduces installation labor costs, risk of injury, and transportation costs.
  • Tensile strength range: 10,000-100,000 psi.


Aluminum’s durable finish means it will look great for years and years; requiring little or no maintenance. Minor cleaning of surface dirt is all that is needful. Its unique properties means it will not rust, swell, rot, warp, twist, split or crack. Corrosion resistance: aluminum reacts with air to form an extremely thin layer of oxide, thereby providing excellent corrosion protection.

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It’s been said that aluminum is “the metal of the future”; well the future is HERE. After oxygen and silicon, aluminum is the most abundant element on earth, making up a full 8% of the Earth’s crust. Aluminum is a highly recyclable building material that retains its quality. The aluminum products Far West Railings in Salt Lake City sells contains approximately 25% of  recycled post-industry aluminum.


Aluminum is easily machined- drilling, milling, cutting, bending, punching, etc…