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How to Improve Attic Ventilation

Good attic ventilation lowers cooling bills, extends shingle life and reduces winter ice dams. Schedule a FREE Consultation Is Your Roof Properly Vented? Adequate roof ventilation reduces the cost of electricity needed to cool your home in the summer, extends your shingle life and protects the wood in your attic. Roof ventilation can be either … Read more

Latty Ohio Industrial Roof Project

Latty Ohio Industrial Roof Project Latty Ohio Industrial Roof Project This was an exciting project that presented unique challenges for our company. With Latty Ohio being 1600 miles away from Salt Lake City and in a rural area of Ohio, staging for this project required very careful planning. In addition, the roof is about 110 … Read more

Cobble Creek Apartments

Cobble Creek Apartments A few challenges Installing the new roofing on this complex provided a few interesting challenges. First, some of the buildings were 90 feet away from the closest access point where we could place a dump truck. In-between the dump truck and the building was a man made lake filled with trout. Surrounding … Read more

Elberta Utah Granary

The Granary in Elberta Utah This was a project that presented some interesting challenges to us, as it had penetrations through the roof that Carlisle, the roof manufacturer, did not have any details for. Once again, we had to submit drawings to Carlisle for approval and then have the roof inspected on completion to ensure … Read more

The Value of Rain Gutters

Why Rain Gutters are an Important Part of Your Roofing System An inch of rainfall means that about 600 gallons of water will fall on the roof of the average sized home. With that much rain water running off your roof it needs to be directed far enough away from your home’s foundation. Rain gutters … Read more

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